EUROTEC Catalogue is now online

It is ready, now you can find our datasheets as well as the latest information on our products online.


As usual, we have created our catalogue in English and German. Please click on the picture on left to access our new online catalogue.


Do you need data sheets in another language? Or do you need a data sheet for a custom product?


Then, please contact us.



What is new?

Order Code

We have created an order code for each limit switch box and solenoid valve family. You can find these ant the end of each chapter.

Online Inquiry

Now you can send your inquiries online. Please click on a higlighted part number on the data sheet to add it to your inquiry list.

Further details could be added in the field "Additional Info".

Download datasheets

You can now search and download  multiple datasheets. All data sheets in our catalouge are in PDF format.

Search function and index

Are you looking for a specific product? Or a box with a specific switch or feature? Thanks to the search function or a short navigation in index, you can quickly access the matching products.