Company History


The second ACHEMA in Frankfurt, Germany gives EUROTEC the chance to present the new series of limit switch boxes life to her customers. The general tenor on the exhibition reflects the new and strong image that EUROTEC has been working for. The fact that EUROTEC exists now for 13 years on the market earns recognition from customers and competitors.



The quality management system of EUROTEC is being approved and certified by TÜV Süd according to DIN ISO 9001:2000 (Developement - Manufacturing - Sales) at the bginning of the year.

During the year EUROTEC developes a new series of limit switch boxes. The new types EP, EV and EA are launched in October and convince not only due to their modern design but also due to the numerous refinements. All the new benifits result from long-term experience and state of the art technique. With the new switch box series EUROTEC achieves more independance from suppliers. 



EUROTEC is fist-time exhibitor on the ACHEMA in Frankfurt, Germany. The stand in the highly demanded hall 8 attracts many visitors and the exhibition becomes a great success. In the midyear EUROTEC moves from Friedrichshafen to Kressbronn into a larger production hall. The new headquarter maintains the advantages of the beautiful landscape around Lake Constance.


2001 - 2002

EUROTEC developes its first own series of square reducers to achieve more price stability and more independance from suppliers. The enterprise spezializes more and more on specific customer desires. The path leads EUROTEC away from the low cost mass product and the company adjusts to the market requirements. That causes a rapid growth of the product range up to over 3.000 diverse limit switch boxes and other components which complete the sales mix. Furthermore the ATEX gains more and more in importance for EUROTEC and its customers. Thereto the sales team is beeing educated in special trainings to upgrade the customer service also in this division.


1998 - 2001

EUROTEC continues its further development. The steady growth in turnover allows a repeted profit retention for new products and additional labor. In Janurary 2001 Knut Berge becomes sole shareholder of EUROTEC Antriebszubehör GmbH.



EUROTEC realizes that the pricing is not the most important criterion on the market. Most of the customers require a product that is designed for their specific applications. This causes a steady enhancement of the the types of limit switch boxes for example with the new and larger series EBA, EBP and EBV. To faciliate the purchasing for the customers, EUROTEC includes also component parts like square reducers and couplings into its product range. In the year 1997 Knut Berge developes his first own NAMUR solenoid valve with a smart and small reversing sealing that combines the 3/2- and the 5/2-direction practically in one single solenoid valve. This reversing sealing shall be in full operation also one decade after its first development.



Foundation of EUROTEC Antriebszubehör GmbH on June 1st with the brothers Berge as equal shareholders. The first product range consits of only two products, the limit switch box series 'EB' and the NAMUR solenoid valve series 'MNL'. EUROTEC causes a new competition on the market and convices the customers with technique and innovation. The target is to capture the market with a simple and low priced limit switch box in mass production.



In June 1995 the brothers Berge found the company 'BERGE Automation' to acheive their independance. The intention is to deal with pneumatic and electrical part turn actuators and industrial valves. In their work they realize that there exist only few suppliers of actuator accessories on the market. The brothers Berge see enough potential in this division to develop and launch their own limit switch box. At the end of the year 1995 the first limit switch box series 'EB' emerges from this idea. The new switch box shall later be manufactured and distributed through EUROTEC Antriebszubehör GmbH.


1993 - 1995

Knut Berge builts up the German subsidiary of an Italian actuator manufacturer together with his brother.