April 2016: EUROTEC introduces 3 new box series to the market

Neptun Box:

  • Stainless steel box with high resistance against corrosion and pitting
  • Ideal for offshore and chemical applications
  • Stainless steel housing for salt atmosphere, sulphur gases, ammonium nitrate etc.

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  • Flameproof and dustproof Ex d t housing
  • High resistance against offshore and chemical applications
  • Copper-free aluminum housing for salt atmosphere, sulphur gases, ammonium nitrate etc.


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flex box:

  • Installation of intrinsically safe circuits along with non-intrinsically safe circuits in one housing
  • Possibility for subsequent solenoid valve connection as standard
  • Robust housing perfectly suitable for rough ambient conditions

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22/05/2015 Successful ACHEMA 2015 in Frankfurt


For the 4th time EUROTEC attended the ACHEMA 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany as exhibitor in hall 8.0. This time with a hole new stand design which gained great approval from our visitors. The exhibition was used to present the new stainless steel switch box neptun.

Stand team: Knut, Melissa, Nina, Stefanie

03/04/2015 New limit switch box for 4-20mA feedback

EUROBOX with 4-20mA feedback
EUROBOX with 4-20mA feedback

Our limit switch box EUROBOX is available with an angle sensor (0-10V and 4-20mA feedback).

> possibilty for detection of

   angular range 0°-360°

> programmable measuring range


part number: EPL1W01-523


data sheet

12/05/2014 Successful Valve World 2014 in Düsseldorf

Valve World 2014
Valve World 2014

We´ve attended again at Valve World 2014 in Düsseldorf.3 days full with good contacts and conversations with existing but also new customers/companies.


NEW: our limit switch boxes with LED indicators


09/19/2012: Eurotec is moving into new building

We´re moving. Therefore in week 39+40 only a very limited business is possible. Please take this into consideration regarding your scheduling. In week 41 we will then be completely moved into our new headquarter and you can contact us as usual.

Thank you for your understanding.

11/18/2011: Melissa Berge receives single proxy

My daughter Melissa Berge joined my company in October 2006 after completing her master's degree in Business Administration. She has acquired a profound knowledge in our sectro in the last 5 years and has advanced our in-house developement with great commitment.

For example, she prepared and implemented our DIN ISO 9001 certification and also educated herself in the area of explosion protection. In the meantime, she is familiar wirh the in-house processes and can make desicions in the name and the interest of the company.

Apart from that, she will now receive officially single proxy. This means for you as customer that, even in my absence, quick and legally binding desicions can be made.

I am really happy about that developement and I am looking forward to a long an successful cooperation.


Knut Berge, General Manger

08/17/2011: Apprenticeship successfully completed

Congratulations to Ms Al-Outwan for her successfully completed terminal examination as Industrial Management Assistant. We are very satisfied with her performance and we will take her over into a permanent position. From now on she will strenghten our purchasing department.


mb, Wednesday 08-17-2011

10/10/2011: The new i-box is now available - compact, flexible and efficient

From time to time there are projects and applications that provide only very little space around the pneumatic part turn actuator. In the past the manufacturers of a plant had to develop complex and special solutions for their monitoring in that case or the electronic monitoring was often waived completely. The new i-box shall help to solve exactly this problem. With its external dimensions of 115x65x55mm (LxWxH) the i-box is extremely compact and space-saving. A large and expensive stainless steel bracket is not needed as the i-box is to be mounted directly on the pneumatic part turn actuator with its new and special fastening system. All needed accessories for the mounting are included in the delivery. The only requirement is an actuator hole spacing of 80 x 30mm. Therewith the small limit switch box can be mounted on actuator shaft heights of 20mm and 30mm as well as on actuator shafts with a maximum diameter of 32mm. That allows the i-box to control also large actuators with a torque of up to 600Nm without any additional adaption plate or adaption shaft.

The target of the development of the i-box was the combination of a well visible position indication with an electronic feedback. In that process EUROTEC has set high value in meeting the regulations of the new machinery directive 2006/42/EG. For that reason the cover screws and the cover sealing have been designed captive and the product label includes all the information that is required by the norm and an you will find an additional wiring diagram in the inside of the cover. Furthermore we provide a detailed operation manual and a technical data sheet. The screws are covered with a special screw retention paint which shall avoid a loosening of the screws due to vibrations in the factory or due to extension of material caused by frequent variations in temperature. This paint is also suitable for repeated loosening and fastening. If closed firmly the housing reaches a leak proofness of IP67 according to DIN EN 60529 what means that it is suitable for temporary submergence. In the event of an outdoor installation we recommend to add a venting screw to the housing. This will reduce condensation water in the housing to a minimum.

Despite its very small design the i-box is very flexible and provides the user enough space for a modest connection. The large cable gland M20 allows the insertion of cables with an external diameter of 6-12mm. Additionally we have placed the terminal block inside of the housing as high as possible to guarantee a good accessibility. The tiny housing can accommodate mechanical change over switches as well as proximity switches with 2-wire or 3-wire technique and it provides the possibility to connect one or two solenoid coils. In this occasion the limit switch box and the solenoid valve can share one single supply lead. The cams for the activation of the built-in micro switches or proximity sensors can be adjusted on any required swivel range. The suitable ambient temperature for the i-box lies between -20°C and +80°C. The integrated and large visual indication with its OPEN-CLOSED marking and the black and yellow color coding is clearly visible from a large distance. To match the company color or the color of the end caps of the pneumatic actuator the housing is also available in the desired color of the customer off one piece.

A special feature of the new i-box is the brand new and time-saving fastening system. The switch box can be mounted on the actuator in only two steps. First screw the two delivered fastening screws into the actuator hole spacing. Then place the i-box on the actuator and bring into a form-fit position with the fastening screws. When fastening the grub screws in the side of the housing the switch box will be tightened to the actuator and will each a force-fit and zero clearance connection. Only one single tool is needed for the assembly. This system takes only a few seconds and saves the user valuable assembly time.

The new branded product i-box has been developed in Germany and will also be manufactured there. It will be available from October 2010. Furthermore EUROTEC® presents its new development on the Valve World 2010 exhibition in Düsseldorf at the end of November. (Hall 03 / Stand no. 3J04)


written by: mb, Thursday 10-10-2010

09/20/2010: EUROTEC switch box series 2008 receives new name

We have given a new name to our actual switch box series. From now on the types EPP, EPE, EVP, EVE, EAP and EAE will be summarized under the name 'wave'.

The name has arisen from the unique cover and housing design with its curved wings of the cover. This unique wave design causes a higher impermeability at the weak part in the middle of the housing. The cover will not be able to bend upwards anymore due to the strong material. Furthermore the wave design provides enough space for large hands for the adjustment of the cams.

Meanwhile the wave series has been introduced successfully to the market and meets the approval and strong feedback from our customers. Especially the color flexibility of the housing has been accepted with enthusiasm. The visual adjustment of the switch box housing to the end caps of the pneumatic actuator or to the company color is beeing demanded more and more.


written by: mb, Monday 09-20-2010

11/06/2009: New ESO sets for direct mounting of cylindrical sensors

Brandnew! - The new ESO-Sets are now on the market. They help you to mount your cylindrical sensors easily on your actuator without switch box. The ESO series is suitable for sensors with threads M8, M12, M14, M18 and M30. There is no limit for the length of the sensors as there is no housing surrounding it. High prices due to large exotic housings are no more a problem.

Within the developement we have again set high value on flexibility. One single set is suitable for actuator shaft heigts 20, 30 and 50mm and can be mounted on all part-turn actuators according to VDI/VDE 3845 ISO 5211 with a hole spacing of 80x30mm or 130x30mm.


You have a special application for very low temperatures? No problem! All parts of the ESO-Set are made of stainless steel and are suitable for the use in a temperature range between -60°C up to +120°C. From now on you only have to choose the accurate sensor and combine it with our ESO-Set. You don't have to care anymore about special sealings and materials for a switch box housing. Offshore applications are also possible. Please send us your request for the parts in AISI316.

According to the Maschinery Directive 2006/42/EG every ESO-Set includes a protection grid. It protects the user from hand or foot injury. Furthermore it contains a warning in it's design and the shape matches perfectly with our unique EUROTEC-Design which is also integrated in our limit switch boxes.


With our new product we could again successfully combine design and technique. We are glad to be able to provide you another simplification for your daily work. Technical data sheets, prices and the according instruction manual are already prepared. We are already looking forward to receiving your first request.


written by: mb, Friday 11-06-2009

10/10/2009: New business relationship with Turck

From now on we can also provide our EUROTEC switch boxes with sensors from TURCK. Together with TURCK we have set the foundation for a future long-term bussines relationship. We have now officially included one more reputable sensor manufacturer into our product range. So we can provide a wider range of limit switch boxes to our customers.

We are very satisfied that TURCK now considers us as an interesting business partner. It shows once more our new significance in the market. During the past years we have further developed our product range continously. Our goal is to provide our customers all solutions that they need for their applications. Therefore we have repositioned ourselves on the market in the top-ranking of switch box manufacturers in Germany and Europe.


The sensors of TURCK are especially in the sector of slot type sensors a very good alternative to our previous product range. The according data sheets are beeing prepared at the moment and will be available for dwonload on our website, soon. We are already lookinf forward to your first enquiry.


written by: mb, 10-10-2009

01/28/2009: New aluminum housing - Series EA

The new aluminum housings are now available. We designed them in the modern and unique EUROTEC-Design that is also to be found in our plastic housings. The new Generation of aluminum housings substitutes the old models EBA and EBS. We have utilized our long lasting experience in the mounting of limit switch boxes for the development process and could optimize the housings in many areas. The new interlocking system can be used for instance and we could improve the level of protection from IP65 to

IP67. Due to our development work we could position our limit switch boxes in the upper quality level of the market. The tough price competition on the market caused us to launch also a model with plastic brackets in addition to the standard model with our traditional and adjustable stainless steel bracket. The new plastic brackets are also adjustable and they are mixed with 30% of glass fiber for an enhanced stability.

Our aluminum housings are especially used in atmospheres with explosive gas or combustible dust. They are certified for Ex II 2G IIC T6 and Ex II 2D T80°C. With these certificates the boxes meet all the requirements for the use in ATEX zones 1 and 21.

Extreme ambient temperatures are also no problem for our new aluminum housings. Combined with a closed cover they can be used for applications with ambient temperatures between -40°C and +120°C.

You can be the first now and use the chance to set yourself apart from your competitors.Your automated valves will be a total eye-catcher with the new and unique EUROTEC-Design.


written by: mb, 01-28-2009

11/08/2008: Innovative, tool-free cam setting

During the past months, we have revised our actuation system inside of the limit switch boxes. Our ambition was to dispose the inefficient and time-consuming setting of the cams with the hexagon wrench. For that purpose we developed a modern interlocking actuation system. The new interlocking system allows the simple manual setting without tools of up to 3 cams one upon the other in a pivoting range of 360°. Every cam can be adjusted separately.


Furthermore the visual indication will be independent from the position of the cams. Only 3 steps to adjust:

1) Push the cam down
2) turn it into the desired position
3) release.

From now on, the new interlocking system will be used in the limit switch box series EB for the actuation of mechanical switches and rectangular proximity switches. The cams for the proximity switches have been optimized so that the metal insert is now open towards the switch. So it lies inside of the operating distance specified by the manufacturer of the switch. In October 2008, it will also be possible to actuate slot type sensors with the new system.

With this development EUROTEC has modernized its traditional limit switch boxes and has greatly simplified the handling for the customers.


written by: mb 11-08-2008

11/07/2008: New plastic housings - Series EP and EV

High flexibility, innovations and recognized quality for a fair price - That is the philosophy that EUROTEC lives and works every day. Especially the production and development in Germany allows us to hold up to this philosophy for 12 years now.

With our new box we provide you a modern design, a higher protection (IP67), an economically priced version with Polyamide brackets strengthened with glass fiber and a version with stainless steel bracket for applications in the chemical industry.

The size of the housing provides enough room for over 95% of the existing switches on the market. Today we already obstruct hundreds of different types in our housings. And also single orders will be delivered without any surplus. We will of course keep the new interlocking system that has been integrated in the old model this summer. And also the traditional adjustable mounting bracket will be obtained. New is the availability of the version for the hole spacing 50 x 25mm.

In addition to the housings in Polyamide and Vestamid we provide an aluminum version in the same design. This version is suitable for applications with extreme ambient temperatures. Our limit switch boxes can be used in non-explosive atmospheres as well as in explosive atmospheres with gas or combustible dust.

Within the development of the new box we could use our longtime experience in the branch and integrate wishes and suggestions of our customers. As a small treat for our customers, the new Polyamide boxes are available in various colors. We also deliver only one piece in your color. Try it out and convince yourself of the quality of our new product.


written by: mb, 11-07-2008

11/07/2008: Adjustable mouting kit for manual valves - MSH05

The position feedback of automated valves is already standard for many years now. Only in the sector of manual valves it seemed not to be urgently needed. But recently this problem gains more and more importance. The reason: Failures of manual valves can also cause high costs if they aren't determined in time. As there hadn't been a suitable solution on the market in the past, EUROTEC developed a first mounting kit in the year 2005. The MS05 provided the possibility to mount limit switch boxes on manual valves easily and in short time. The one-piece mounting brackets available in heights 60 and 80mm combined with the adaptor screws in various lengths and strengths, had already been suitable for most of the manual valves on the market. Shortly after that EUROTEC launched an adoption plate in Vestamid which also allowed the mounting of double sensors.

Due to the continuous raise in the demand for the mounting kits we redesigned the MS05 this year. Within the new development we considered space problems on the manual valves, as well as the tremendous variety of required bracket heights. The new model MSH05 is a mounting kit with a two-piece bracket that is adjustable in steps of 10 on the heights from 60
to 120mm. With this new model EUROTEC meets the requirements of its customers and the total market. The hard times of tinkering around are over now. We offer you a complete, easy and suitable solution.


written by: mb, 11-07-2008

07/14/2008: Double square reducers - RHX

High torques sometimes used to cause a deformation of square reducers and forced the material into the cavities of the internal double squares of the actuator. This lead to the loss of the form-closed connection between the valve and the actuator and the power transmission ceased to exist.

Today this problem can be avoided by the use of reducers with an external double square. With the new double square reducers there are no cavities in the connection. A consistent transmission of force can be guaranteed also for high torques within the application of heavy duty valves. Especially in the range of butterfly valves the new double squares are highly appreciated.

From now on the new double square reducers RHX can be ordered from EUROTEC in the 5 standard sizes RHX1409, RHX1411, RHX1711, RHX1714 and RHX2722. We are pleased to provide our customers a new solution for their applications. If you miss any product in our range of products, feel free to contact us. Maybe we can provide a suitable solution for you soon.


written by: mb, 07-14-2008

11/08/2007: EUROTEC is certified after DIN ISO 9001

Due to our strong economic and personnel growth during the past few years we have decided to certify our company after DIN ISO 9001:2000. Thereby we could improve our internal processes as well as our customer-related processes and we could define our workflows clearly. To assure and strengthen our position amongst the Top-Manufacturers in our industrial sector we are developing continuously new solutions and innovations. And to
demonstrate to our customers that we develop first-class solutions we have also certified our development division.

The ISO-Certificate is only one step forward concerning our own company development. A survey has shown that our customers had been already highly satisfied before the implementation of the ISO 9001:2000.


written by: mb, 11-08-2007