i-box the new innovative switch box from EUROTEC

A special feature of the new i-box is the brand new and time-saving fastening system. The switch box can be mounted on the actuator in only two steps. First screw the two delivered fastening screws into the actuator hole spacing. Then place the i-box on the actuator and bring into a form-fit position with the fastening screws. When fastening the grub screws in the side of the housing the switch box will be tightened to the actuator and will each a force-fit and zero clearance connection. Only one single tool is needed for the assembly. This system takes only a few seconds and saves the user valuable assembly time.

The new branded product i-box has been developed in Germany and will also be manufactured there. It will be available from October 2010.


The suitable ambient temperature for the i-box lies between -20°C and +80°C. The integrated and large visual indication with its OPEN-CLOSED marking and the black and yellow color coding is clearly visible from a large distance. To match the company color or the color of the end caps of the pneumatic actuator the housing is also available in the desired color of the customer off one piece.