Visual indicators of the i-box and wave switch boxes

The EUROTEC limit switch boxes provide a wide range of visual indicators beside the electronic position feedback.


The standard switch boxes are fitted with a flat indicator disc inside of the housing which is visible from the top of the switch box. This indicator is also available with the indication of L and T positions.


The standard 3D indicator of the wave series is a dome on the top of the switch box cover. This allows to see the position also from the side. Also this indicator can indicate L and T positions. It needs to be ordered extra with a '-3D' in the product code.


Since 2009 we do have an additional 3D indicator on the top of our wave series switch boxes that includes the marking OPEN and CLOSED. It is also clearly visible from larger distance due to its size. It is constructed for a high protection even if the visual panel is damaged. To receive this type of indicator please add '-3D1' to the article code.


Finally we do offer an indicator disc that can be mounted to the stainless steel shaft below the switch box. This is especially appreciated for a position indication in low temperature applications as it does not affect the leak tightness of the housing. For this indication please add '-OC' to the article code.


The i-box is already equipped with a large OPEN-CLOSED indicator inside of the housing. It does not need to be ordered seperately.