big-box - limit switch box for large sensors

As the name already indicates, our big-box has been desinged for very large switches and sensors that will not fit into our wave box or EUROBOX. As large sensors we define cylindrical sensors M30 or mechanical posistion switches from Schmersal, Siemens, etc.

The large aluminum housing is available in the same colors as our EUROBOX.

big-box housing information

Housing: EAL


Housing: Aluminum grey

Cover: Aluminum blue

Bracket: Stainless steel AISI 304

Indicator: OPEN-CLOSED below


Data sheet

big-box with inductive proximity Switches, 2-wire AC/DC, M30

IFM, II0011
IFM, II0011



IFM, II0011


20-250V AC/DC



Data sheet

big-box with mechanical position switches acc. to DIN EN 50041

Schmersal, ZS335-11Z
Schmersal, ZS335-11Z






-30°C ... +80°C


Data sheet

Accessories for the big-box


> Connections

> Outdoor use


Accessories available on request